My coach: Eric der Kinderen

Anne: I am working with Eric since 2006 when he became my National Coach for the Dutch Team. Eric has a lot of passion for the game and always works really hard. He is always there to help me with my game and together we push each other to become better. We always focussed a lot on my long game, which is now one of my strengths in my game, hitting it long en straight.
It’s great to look back and see where we came from a 10 years old girl and now a grown-up player on the LET dedicated with hard work, but also a lot of fun! Without him I never could have been where I am today.

Eric: From the moment Anne and I started working together when she was 10 years old I could see the enormous potential. She had a lot of joy in the game, wanted always to win, and off course her talent. We have been through a lot of things. Winning tournaments, having successes, changing techniques and going trough injuries.
I believe in our goals because all of her passion, great attitude, and her ability and desire to work really hard. We always worked on hitting the ball a long way since she started and now that’s her biggest strength. I look forward to all the years and successes to come, and I’m proud to be her coach and to work with her!

Putting coach: Rob Mouwen

Anne: I am working with Rob since spring 2015 and my putting has improved a lot since. Rob works with the SAM putting technology where you can exactly see what your putter does when you stroke. Rob helps me to practice my putting with a high intensity having a good balance between my technical work and performing in competitive play. When I work with Rob we always have good focussed sessions but also a lot of fun doing competions against each other.

Rob: After starting in 2015 we used that year to work hard on building solid and consistent putting fundamentals, so she can grow on the different tours. During several training camps we work on the specific parts and I always try to make her as ‘self coaching’ as possible. All with the ultimate goal that Anne recognized herself as an athlete and we make steps forward and grow stronger every year! I have all the confidence we will do that!

Watch practice vlogs with Rob in Dubai.


Trainer: Martijn van Oosterhout

Anne: Martijn and I started working in 2015. He helped me understanding more about how specific physics can help me with my swing. We have a good combination in our workouts between speed and strength. I love to workout and being active. Martijn helps me to plan my workouts during the season, and be aware I don’t do too much. When working out on the Eindhovensche GC together we have a lot of fun with always good music playing.

Martijn: Since May 2015 I’m responsible for the physical program of Anne. As physical coach it is very nice to work with Anne because she’s always very motivated and want to get the most out of every workout. Anne’s athletic build and because of that she generates a lot of distance with her long game in the course. In the physical trainings we work on preventing Anne of injuries and on further improving athletic ability. I also treat Anne each session we work together improving the mobility of both muscles and joints. This is to ensure Anne can swing efficiently.


Manager Golf Team Holland: Pieter Bijnen

Anne: When I signed with Golf Team Holland in January 2015 I had the fortune to add Pieter to my team. He helps me planning my schedule, travels, my sponsorships and makes sure everything goes well within my team so that I can focus on my golf. Pieter is always there to help me and always wants the best for me and I think that’s why he is a great person to have on my team. He even caddied a few times for me in 2015 and 2016 and we had great time together walking down some beautiful fairways around the world.

Pieter: When Anne signed with Golf Team Holland in the beginning of 2015 I was overwhelmed with her ambition and drive. Only being 19 years old she was ready to travel the world and make her first steps as a professional. She is very talented and a great athlete. Besides that she is a fun and kind person who is also there to help and inspire others. I enjoy working with talents like Anne. I think she has a great future ahead of her and I’m proud to be able to help with the steps along the way to the top.

Practice with Maarten Lafeber @Lake Nona Florida.